Thursday, December 8, 2016

Briefs for Debember 8-9, 2016

FXM Retro is running Air Patrol today at 6:00 AM and tomorrow at 4:45 AM, since you've probably missed this morning's airing. I can't recall if I've seen it, but I notice that it's directed by Maury Dexter, who churned out quite a few ultra-low budget quickies that Fox distributed in the 60s. Some of them are surprisingly good, such as, The Day Mars Invaded Earth. Others are interestingly awful, like Raiders From Beneath the Sea. Dexter's name on Air Patrol probably makes it worth watching then.

Tonight on TCM there are a couple of Tennessee Williams movies. Ugh. There are two showings of a version of The Glass Menagerie that, as I understand it, is actually a TV movie. Of course, they've been running the dreadful Carol for Another Christmas this December as well.

I'm more looking forward to tomorrow morning's look at Alice White, who was apparently quite popular in the early 30s, but who didn't make the best career choices. She was the other girl in James Cagney's Picture Snatcher, although tomorrow mornings are from even earlier in White's career. Lots of early talkies I haven't seen before on the schedlue. Well, three or four, and they segue into the Myrna Loy movies.

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