Saturday, December 3, 2016

TCM Guest Host December 2016: Dana Delany

So there was a message on the TCM boards about a guest host for TCM for December, actress Dana Delany. She apparently did a segment of the Trailblazing Women spotlight in October, although I didn't watch the segments. Anyhow, a search for something on TCM's official site didn't reveal anything, but did find this tweet:

If the tweet doesn't show up properly, go here; it also has the replies including some nice vintage photos of Myrna Loy.

I didn't get to see any of the intros last night; I showed up toward the end of the first film and then switched to watching something off my DVR; more on that next week since the movie is coming up on TV soon. But the upshot of not having actually watched any of Delany's intros is that I can't comment on how good she is.

As you can tell from the tweet, Delany will be on TCM Fridays and Saturdays this month.

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