Friday, December 9, 2016

Kirk Douglas turns 100

Today marks the centenary of actor Kirk Douglas, who is thankfully still with us. TCM, surprisingly, isn't doing anything for the day, while IMDb buried their photo gallery a good ways down the page after some of the celebrity gossip. I looked through my archives and found quite a few images; I didn't check the IMDb gallery to see if we've repeated any. (I didn't have any from Spartacus; I haven't watched it in ages.)

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

The Bad and the Beautiful


The Vikings

Out of the Past

Ace in the Hole

Lust for Life

Seven Days in May

Paths of Glory

Detective Story

Granted, a couple of those aren't particularly good photos of Kirk, but to be honest, I had selected those photos back in the day for the other people in them: The Vikings for Tony Curtis' obituary; Out of the Past Jane Greer; and Detective Story for George Macready. And some of them probably shouldn't have been blown up like that either.

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