Wednesday, December 28, 2016

They were all three years ago?

I was thinking about doing a post about what's coming up soon on FXM Retro. But first, a point. I was looking through future FXM schedules, and it looks as though the FXM Retro block is going to be continuing into 2017, which means I'm wrong again in my prediction of how long it would last. I gave it six months, and it's been five years now.

Anyhow, I was looking at the schedule for the next few days, and I saw a couple of movies that have been back for a little while. First up is The Day the Fish Came Out, which I already mentioned again back in June for being back on the channel. I first recommended it in August 2013 when it was in frequent rotation then. You can see that today at 1:10 PM and tomorrow morning at 11:30 AM.

And then there's Untamed, which will be on at 6:00 AM tomorrow. I first blogged about that one back in May 2013, but then mentioned it again back in March.

Finally, I'll point out that Fathom is on tomorrow morning at 4:00 AM and 1:20 PM. That one first got a mention back in March 2013, and his been on the schedule a couple of times the past few months.

It's slightly odd that all three were in heavy rotation back in 2013, and are once again back in heavy rotation. I can think of a whole bunch of Fox movies that haven't been on in ages, I don't think. And I'm not even really thinking of obscure movies, but some of the prestige titles. I can't recall the last time FXM/FMC ran Alexander's Ragtime Band, for example, and that was a Best Picture nominee. Thankfully, it's been on TCM a couple of times during 31 Days of Oscar, so I suppose it's possible that FXM don't currently have the rights to it. But All About Eve? Wilson? The Sand Pebbles? The Razor's Edge? Not that I necessarily like all of these, but they're all part of Fox's rich heritage.

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