Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Michèle Morgan, 1920-2016

French actress Michèle Morgan has died at the age of 96. She started her career in France, unsurprisingly, but like a lot of people did when the Nazis invaded, she made a hasty getaway and wound up in Hollywood. Her Hollywood career didn't go terribly well, with the best-known movies probably being Joan of Paris and Passage to Marseille. After the war she returned to Europe, where she appeared in The Fallen Idol and a whole bunch of French films.

One other thing I noticed is that there's an even older French actress who came to the US way back when, and who is still with us. As of the last time I checked yesterday, Danielle Darrieux is about four and a half months away from her 100th birthday at the beginning of next May. One of the local public TV channels has been running The Rage of Paris in which she starred opposite Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.

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