Saturday, December 31, 2016

Wrapping up the year

And so this will be my last post for 2016. I wouldn't say there have been any conscious changes to the blog, but the blog probably did change in subtle ways. I posted a bit less this year than in the past few years, mostly because I've been working the early shift since June of 2015. Before that, I had been helping Dad take care of Mom, up until she died, and that actually gave me more time to be on the computer.

I think a bigger change was that I felt like I did a lot fewer full-length posts on movies, which is part of a consequence of having to figure out what to write about when I get home in the middle of the afternoon. I guess one of my resolutions for the new year ought to be to be more conscientious about doing full-length reviews, although there is the problem that I don't think I've been able to watch quite so many movies as I was able to on TCM before Mom died. I've got a big backlog ov DVDs, as well as about 40 movies on the DVR. Unfortunately, the last movie I watched on the DVR, Pierre Étaix's Le Grand Amour, looked like it was out of print on DVD when I checked on Amazon. TCM claims you can get it courtesy of the Criterion Collection, and not at too bad a price since it's part of a box set. So maybe I will get around to doing a full-length post on it. (Several other B movies I recorded and watched don't seem to be on DVD, like Joe Smith, American.) But that would explain why I haven't done a full-length post on it yet. Probably tomorrow.

I'm also going to try to take part in at least some of the Thursday Movie Picks weeks. Probably not all of them, in no small part because I don't know quite enough about the TV challenges. Of course, those are liable to be slightly longer versions of list posts.

Happy New Year 2017 to everybody!

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