Saturday, December 10, 2016

Treasures from American Film Archives online

Yesterday, somebody over at the TCM boards posted a link to the National Film Preservation Foundation, of a bunch of mostly short films that have been preserved by various archives. They released a DVD box set years ago; I seem to recall TCM running a salute to the box set back around 2004, although according to the NFPF website it would have been 2005 in conjunction with the reissue of the box set. Then again, I wouldn't be surprisied if it were actually a different set; I distinctly recall the salute including a silent version of Lady Windermere's Fan. IMDb lists the 1925 silent version as having a 2004 NFPF print, although for some reason I had a feeling it was an earlier version:

Neither version of the movie is listed on the NFPF site above, although they might be someplace else on the NFPF site. And the 1925 version probably has a different copyright holder anyway. And to be honest, I was really posting about the NFPF site because unfortunately, I can't get the Flash videos to show up on it. I'm on Linux with Firefox; I don't even get anything telling me there's an embedded video the way I would on the old Youtube. Anybody else having problems?

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