Wednesday, December 14, 2016

National Film Registry announces 2016 selections

It's that time of year again, when we start getting year-end lists. Apparently there's still no TCM Remembers video, since I haven't seen anything about it on the TCM boards or the regular web-site. And nobody's posted it to Youtube either.

Another list that comes out toward the end of the year is the list of 25 titles selected by the National Film Registry for its preservation program. This year's list can be found here; I didn't realize Steamboat Bill, Jr. and The Birds were not already on the list. Of course, this isn't about preserving Hollywood's heritage per se; it's about selecting things that are historically, culturally, or artistcally significant. This is why past years have seen selections of the Zapruder film or flood documentary footage.

That having been said, unsurprisingly somebody on the TCM boards complained about the selection of some relatively recent films, such as The Lion King which, to be fair, is already 20 years old. Can you feel the hate tonight?

I think I've mentioned before that regular people can suggest movies. I did that a couple of years ago, but none of my selections have been picked.

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