Saturday, January 21, 2012

About that Columbia noir

A few days ago, I asked about a TCM Shop promo I saw hawking some noir (more or less) films from Columbia that the TCM database lists as not being available on DVD. It turns out that they're not available yet. In fact, the DVD set is called Film Noir Classics III, and is avaliable for purchase (or more accurately ships) on January 25. Tight Spot, the movie that started my wondering, is one of those five films, as is My Name is Julia Ross, which I blogged about last October.

The other three films are: Broderick Crawford in The Mob (1951); Mickey Rooney in Drive a Crooked Road (1954); and Dan Duryea as The Burglar (1957). There's also an abbreviated version of the promo airing which doesn't actually name any of the films, although if you look carefully you can see My Name is Julia Ross as one of the titles.

I guess what this shows is that I should do more research before I post.

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