Thursday, January 19, 2012

A couple of questions

I watched In Name Only yesterday. I could swear that just before the movie started, TCM ran one of its TCM Shop ads, promoting DVDs and box sets that they're newly selling. This time, I thought I saw a promotion for a "Columbia Noir" collection. One of the movies in the set was Tight Spot, something I blogged about all the way back in August 2008, but which I mentioned at the time was not available on DVD. A look at TCM, however, still claims that Tight Spot is not available for purchase from the TCM Shop. Did I actually see something different than I thought I saw? Or is Tight Spot getting a DVD release, but just that it's not yet available?

This morning, I tuned in to watch the 11:30 AM showing This Land Is Mine. I turned on the TV a few minutes before the movie began, and it certainly looked as though TCM was showing a short, something involving old footage from the 1920s, repackaged for a later release. The short ended, I think, with Al Smith leading people in singing "The Bowery". TCM's schedule page doesn't list a short following Uncertain Glory, the feature which was on immediately before This Land is Mine. However, Uncertain Glory came on at 9:30 AM, and is listed with a running time of 102 minutes, which would mean that there was not only enough time for a short; indeed, TCM probably would have scheduled a short in between the two movies.

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