Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Angela Lansbury in Gaslight

Tonight sees the first of several nights of the films of Angela Lansbury as TCM's Star of the Month. I've mentioned Gaslight a number of times in the past, and it's Lansbury's feature film debut. As such it's a good choice to kick off the look at her, and it's airing at 8:00 PM tonight. What I hadn't noticed before is that I've apparently never included a photo of Lansbury to accompany any of the posts I've done; certainly not one of Lansubry in Gaslight. So, I rather shamelessly found a photo from the blog Sage Slowdive and am reusing it here. She doesn't seem to like Lansbury's performance as much as I do, but not everybody can have the same opinion.

I'd rather forgotten that Lansbury shows up in National Velvet, which follows at 10:00 PM. But yes, she's in there.

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