Saturday, January 14, 2012

Riding the High Country

Yesterday when I was looking for a good still of Fortunio Bonanova in Five Graves to Cairo, one of the hits led me to a blog on It turned out that the blog was no longer being updated. More or less -- in fact, the blogger had decided to stop using the platform and switch to WordPress, where you can find his blog Riding the High Country.

To be honest, I don't read other film blogs all that often, mostly out of laziness and having other things I'd like to do with my time. (I'm an avid Go player, for example, and if I want to play a game at something other than breakneck speed, it's best to budget an hour at minimum.) It's also part of the reason why a lot of other people have a better-written blog than mine. I try to put up one post a day, and when there isn't anything I can think about, the post usually winds up being just a sort of placeholder mentioning something coming up on TCM that I blogged about some years in the past. That, and when I blog, I almost always just sit down and write in a sort of stream-of-consciousness style in that what I put down are the first things I think of. I don't normally write up posts some time in advance. Last Thursday, I mentioned Jack Cardiff and a movie he directed called The Liquidator which will be coming up later in the month on TCM on a night of movies that he directed. I probably should be starting that post now, but the reality is that I most likely won't get around to it until the day it airs.

Anyhow, I enjoyed Riding the High Country enough that I decided to include it in my minimal blogroll -- again a blogroll that's small mostly out of laziness. Then I looked at his blogroll, and noticed that I'm already on there. I hate to think how many people have decided to blogroll me, and I'm blithely unaware of it, looking selfish for not mentioning any of their blogs. So to any new readers, welcome! I hope you find something new about film that you don't already know.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! It's not every day that my site is honoured by having a blog post inspired by it and even named after it. I feel very chuffed.

And BTW your site's on my blogroll as I only link to those which I consider have something positive to offer readers. Yours fits the bill.