Sunday, January 29, 2012

Four years

It's hard to believe sometimes, but today marks the fourth anniversary of my blogging here. My first real post was about Jack Carson, so I suppose I should mention another of his films. However, I'd much rather recommend the 1925 MGM Studio Tour, which is supposed to air a little after 1:20 AM. This is a "documentary" short in the sense that MGM is documenting the studio as it was in 1925, visiting every department and having the folks who worked in each department pose for photos. There's a good deal that's interesting, in that you can finally put faces to names of some of the old silent stars. But what's more interesting is the mention of their new discovery, 17-year-old Lucille LaSueur. That's a name that wouldn't work in Hollywood, so MGM changed her name -- to Joan Crawford.

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Laura said...

Congratulations on your blog anniversary! I enjoy dropping in and seeing the latest films you've been recommending. :)

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