Thursday, January 26, 2012

Millionaires in Prison

I briefly mentioned the movie Millionaires in Prison twice, back in April and July of 2011. The first mention was for the birthday of Lee Tracy, who plays the prison warden in the film. Anyhow, the movie is airing at 10:30 AM tomorrow (January 27) as part of a day of prison movies.

It's not a particularly good movie, although it's a bit of fun. The premise is as the title mentions: several rich people get sent to prison: two (Raymond Walbourn and Thurston Hall) for embezzlement; and a third is a doctor who drove drunk and committed vehicular manslaughter. The plot is fairly risible. The two rich guys act incredibly naïve as to what prison is like, thinking they can get gourmet food in the clink and trying to bilk the regular prisoners out of their money. In real life if they tried this the prisoners in for violent crime would probably kill them. The doctor, meanwhile, gets a chance to redeem himself by being the doctor in a medical experiment. Really.

As I said, it's not very good, but if you want to have a laugh at a howler of a movie, or see what happened to Lee Tracy after Viva Villa!, this is your chance.

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