Friday, January 6, 2012

Perfect Strangers again

I last mentioned the movie Perfect Strangers back in July 2010, with the post implying that I hadn't seen the film before I first posted about it. For some reason, I thought I might have seen it when Ginger Rogers was Star of the Month, but then, I'm not even certain any more whether it even aired back when Rogers was Star of the Month. Looking through the schedule, Rogers was Star of the Month in March 2010, and the movie aired at 11:30 AM on a Thursday at the end of one of Rogers' "nights". I'm pretty certain the first time I saw Perfect Strangers was in prime time, so I guess I didn't watch it back in March 2010.

At any rate, I bring it up again because the movie is airing again tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM on TCM. It's probably worth one viewing, if only to have fun watching Hollywood's warped perception of the legal system.

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