Wednesday, January 11, 2012

So they had a Guest Programmer last night

I'll admit that I haven't been watching quite as much TCM over the past few weeks. TCM probably ran their Guest Programmer promo more than enough times, but I didn't see it until the last one, which always seems to air just before 8:00 PM on the night that their Guest Programmer shows up. If I had been paying attention, I would have known that James L. Brooks was going to be on last night, and I would have been able to do the research to find out about the short This Is Your Story, which was actually originally a sketch on Sid Caesar's Your Show of Shows. This was one of the sketches repacked in 1973 for the film 10 From Your Show of Shows.

To be fair, one should normally be able to spot these things from TCM's online schedule. If you look at tonight's schedule, for example, just before the 8:00 PM movie, there's a header reading, "TCM PRIMETIME - WHAT'S ON TONIGHT: STAR OF THE MONTH: ANGELA LANSBURY" Yesterday's schedule only read "TCM PRIMETIME - WHAT'S ON TONIGHT:". That, I think, would go a good ways toward explaining why I had less of an idea about the schedule.

I apologize. I also didn't think the This Is Your Story sketch was quite as funny as I've read some people make it out to be. In fact, I thought it got exceedingly tedious after the first "guest" was introduced. So I apologize a well if I led you astray.

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