Friday, March 28, 2014

Anthony Bourdain has a sense of humor

Or, at least, somebody at TCM has a sense of humor in programming the Friday Night Spotlight for Anthony Bourdain. This month's spotlight has been food in the movies, and the night ends with three rather interesting selections.

The first of them, at midnight, is Soylent Green. While there are some scenes with real food, I'd assume that the only reason this one was selected was for the reveal at the end of the secret about Soylent Green which is advertised as being full of planktony goodness.

Then, at 1:45 AM, is Night of the Living Dead, in which the "food" involves zombies trying to eat the brains of normally-living human beings.

The last of the three is What Ever Happened to Baby Jane at 3:30 AM, which has one wonderful food scene of Bette Davis serving Joan Crawford dinner in her wheelchair on a silver platter, complete with those lids that you usually see when movies are showing room service bringing a meal to a hotel room.

Unrelated to the Firday night spotlight, TCM finished up the last of the Hildegarde Withers mysteries last Saturday morning, and will be starting with a new series tomorrow morning at 10:30 AM, that being the "Mexican Spitfire" movies starring Lupe Velez as a daffy Mexican woman who meets an American and, well, sparks fly.

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