Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Carson on TCM again

I'm not certain why, but it looks as though TCM's daily schedule page has the lineup for Carson on TCM wrong. Well, I'm fairly confident that it's the daily schedule that has things wrong; what I don't understand is why it would be so different from the monthly schedule since I have no reason to believe there are going to be any preemptions. This time, the online daily schedule is only listing five interviews, with the first feature, Designing Woman, to begin at 9:15 PM. Since the rest of the prime-time lineup is devoted to Lauren Bacall, it's logical to assume that she's going last as the monthly schedule says, and with it beginning at 9:15 PM and the interviews plus Conan O'Brian's intro running about 12 minutes each, it's also a safe assumption that there are going to be six of them again. Oh, and as we learned last week, it was the monthly schedule that had things right. So, without further ado, tonight's Carson on TCM lineup seems to be:

Bob Hope from October 1978; I'm not certain if he's promoting anything;
Bing Crosby from 1976; I doubt he's promoting a movie either, but it's logical to pair him up with Bob Hope;
Tony Randall from 1974; I wonder if there are any usable interviews with Jack Klugman;
Truman Capote from 1972; this is the one that to me seems the most intriguing;
Gregory Peck from July 1976; I'd guess this came out around the same time as The Omen; and
Lauren Bacall from 1980.

It's also logical to have Gregory Peck just before Bacall, since the two were costars in Designing Woman. That would also go a ways to explain why TCM ran the Peck piece on Bacall instead of the more recent Star of the Month pieve, especially since Peck discusses the shooting of Designing Woman what with Bacall's husband Humphrey Bogart being terminally ill during the shooting.

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