Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Apologies on William Powell Day

On Monday, I mentioned that TCM was putting the spotlight on William Powell today even though it's not his birthday. I also suggested that there was little to no Myrna Loy. Well, there is one movie the two of them made together, that being I Love You Again, which is airing at 3:00 PM.

The movie I find odd, though, is The Girl Who Had Everything, which concludes the day's proceedings at 6:45 PM. This is the sort of shorter B movie that MGM was making in he early 1950s to pay for those Technicolor musicals which were MGM's prestige pictures. And yet, this one has a cast far above B movie status. True, Powell was getting old, but the female lead is Elizabeth Taylor. She wasn't just the big child star; she had already done important adult roles like Conspirator at MGM and, even more importantly, A Place in the Sun over at Paramount which really showed off her acting chops And the studio was probably trying to push Fernando Lamas at the time, so why stick him in a little movie like this? Oh, and to top off things, it's also a remake of A Free Soul, with Powell playing the Lionel Barrymore character, Taylor taking Norma Shearer's role, Lamas in the Clark Gable spot, and Gig Young appropriately cast as the drip originally played by Leslie Howard. Howard and Gable were much better actors than Young and Lamas, however.

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