Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Carson on TCM for March 25

Last week, TCM was supposed to show several interviews that Johnny Carson did with comics just as well known, if not better known, for the work they did on TV as for any movies they made. Of course, somebody at TCM screwed up and ran the interviews that were originally scheduled for tonight. So, TCM will be rectifying that error by running the interviews scheduled for March 18 tonight; click the first link for the exact schedule.

Of course, this lineup has six interviews, which were scheduled to lead into the first movie of the night running at 9:15 PM. What was supposed to be the last night of Carson on TCM, the night that actually ran on March 18, had seven interviews, to get to a total of 25, which was supposed to necessitate the first movie -- Gene Kelly in The Cross of Lorraine -- beginning at 9:30 PM. TCM has been running the interviews in 12-minute blocks more or less, for the benefit of people who want to DVR them, I suppose. But, the interviews haven't quite been running that long, an the seven interviews that ran last week actually finished before 9:15 PM. At any rate, with one fewer interview this week, there's going to be time left over for a short, which will be Portrait of a Genius, one of those Carey Wilson MGM shorts, this time about Leonardo da Vinci.

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