Saturday, March 15, 2014

Robert, not Mary, Stack

Robert Stack in a production still from The Mortal Storm (1940)

I think I've mentioned once or twice before that I've got a blog-stalker; that is, somebody who seems to read the blog only for the purpose of posting the odd comment about how awful the blog is or to promote some link to her site. This stalker comes from one of my other interests, that being the libertarian blog of the reason magazine, where a bunch of us like-minded people blow off steam in the comments. It gets quite bawdy at times and much of the comment sections would never have made it past Joseph Breen enforcing the Production Code. ACtually, he probably would have had a fit of apoplexy at seeing how vulgar it can get. But all this is beside the point, other than to point out that the troll who followed me here used the surname Stack as a pseudonym.

So what better than to deal with another comment from her than to post a bunch of gratuitous Robert Stack photos?

Robert Stack, this time fighting the Nazis, in a still with Carole Lombard from To Be or Not to Be (1942)

Moving ahead 20 years, we've got Robert Stack trying to help people in a doomed luxury liner, including half-naked crewman Woody Strode, in The Last Voyage

Robert Stack (on the far left) fought late-career Joan Crawford for the approval of mental hospital administrator Herbert Marshall in The Caretakers

Finally, Robert Stack got the chance to revive his career when he was cast in Airplane!; here he is with Lloyd Bridges.

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Anonymous said...

3 comments in 2 years is "stalking?" You should be so lucky. Who are you talking to here, anyway? You have no visitors and you have no comments. This place is the epitome of "vanity blog." Is that why you spend so much time at Lonely, Ted? That's kinda sad.