Thursday, March 13, 2014

Can anybody help?

Yesterday I got a comment on an old post of mine, about Gloria DeHaven:

Hi Cineast,

I am trying to contact Gloria DeHaven because she knew the New York showman
Billy Rose, and I'm researching him for a biography.

Any ideas?

Thanks very much for any help or advice you can offer.


Sadly, I don't know any of the old stars, so I'm not much help. I wouldn't even know if DeHaven is in good enough health to help this man out. As for Billy Rose, he's one of those people who might be an interesting subject, although again I don't know much about him. Other than being the inspiration for the film Billy Rose's Jumbo, which is one I've never gotten around to watching since it's always looked to me like one of those overblown late-studio era musical extravaganzas. (It's not even about Billy Rose, apparently.) By the same token, I've never warmed up to films like Gypsy for Funny Girl either.

Can anybody else help him?

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