Thursday, March 20, 2014

Briefs for March 20, 2014

TCM is running a short at about 1:10 this afternoon called Traffic With the Devil about the toll taken by automobile accidents. It's apparently not a Crime Does Not Pay short, although it's one I don't think I've seen before. Immediately following, at 1:30 PM, will be Any Number Can Play, which I have recommended in the past.

I've also recommended Dirigible, which is coming up tonight at 10:15 PM as part of night of movies about dirigibles and other lighter-than-air aircraft. TCM's schedule is saying that this movie still isn't available on DVD.

Cavalcade is now not only out on DVD, but on Blu-ray as well, having gotten a release last August. I only noticed it because I was looking to see which of yesterday's Betty Compson films were on DVD, for which the answer was, sadly, "Not the ones I watched".

Amazon, does, however, say that you can watch The Lady Refuses on streaming video, something I haven't tried since I don't have the bandwidth to do so. It wasn't as good as Street Girl, anyway, and that one doesn't seem to be available at all.

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