Sunday, March 23, 2014

Patrice Wymore, 1926-2014

Actress Patrice Wymore died yesterday at her home in Jamaica. She was 87. Wymore made a handful of movies at Warner Bros. in the early 1950s, including Tea for Two with Doris Day. But it was on the set of Rocky Mountain where she met Errol Flynn, and wound up marrying him. They separated after one child -- I can imagine having to live with Errol Flynn wasn't always easy -- but never divorced, remaining married until Flynn's death in 1959. Indeed, it was apparently Flynn who was responsible for her ending up in Jamaica, as he had land there that she inherited after his death.

I don't think Wymore made enough movies, or is well enough known, to receive a TCM programming tribute, so she'll be the sort of person whose image will show up in December during the annual TCM Remembers retrospective, leading some viewers to say "Who was she?", some disappointed to find that she had died, and others amazed that she was even still alive at the beginning of the year. It's a shame, but not everybody can be a big star.

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