Monday, March 17, 2014

TCM Guest Programmer March 2014: George Pelecanos

Tonight sees another in the long line of Guest Programmers: detective fiction writer George Pelecanos, who has also written for the HBO TV series The Wire. I have to admit to not knowing much -- or more accurately, not knowing anything -- about Pelecanos' work. But that has no bearing on whether or know he knows about movies or whether he'd be good at presenting the movies he's selected. Unsurprisingly for a writer of detective stories, two of Pelecanos' selections are in the crime genre. But the other two are westerns:

First, at 8:00 PM, Robert Duvall tries to avenge the murder of his brother by the Mob in The Outfit.
Then, at 10:00 PM, Roy Scheider leands NYPD detectives in the search for a cop-killer in The Seven-Ups.
As for the westerns, at midnight, Lee Marvin plays a cowboy against the backdrop of the changing west in Monte Walsh.
The other western is also set aginst an old west way of life that's coming to a close: Ride the High Country at 2:00 AM.

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Fascinating as always, AND I MEAN THAT.

Need even more drunken Irishmen?