Tuesday, May 6, 2014

May 6, 2014 briefs

One Sunday Afternoon is airing again, tomorrow morning at 7:45 AM as part of a birthday salute to star Gary Cooper. I've already mentioned it briefly, back in August 2012 when I pointed out that it was the first film version of what was remade as The Strawberry Blonde. I still don't think I've gotten around to seeing the 1933 One Sunday Afternoon in its entirety; I know I haven't seen the late 1940s musical version.

I've mentioned before how TCM's daily schedule pages have an in-house advertising sidebar down the right side. First up is the movie The 300 Spartans, which I blogged about back in May 2011. It was already on DVD at the time, but now it's getting a Blu-Ray release. What I didn't note back in 2011 is that the romantic subplot involves characters played by Barry Coe and Diane Baker; if that pair sounds familiar it's because I just mentioned them a week and change ago in The Wizard of Baghdad.

The other movie that's getting a DVD release is Dante's Inderno, which I blogged about back in February 2009. The reviewer at the TCM site isn't quite as positive about the film as I am, but also certainly isn't negative about it.

Finally, we note the death of Jackie Lynn Taylor Fries, who appeared in five Our Gang shorts in 1934/5, and then went on to have a fairly interesting adult life. She was 88, and is survived by her husband of 48 years.

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