Saturday, May 31, 2014

TCM Shorts report, May 31, 2014

I'm either not all that interested in the features on today's schedule (My Fair Lady), or have already done a full-length post on them already (Laura and Leave Her to Heaven), or haven't seen them (amazingly enough, Princess Tam Tam). So it's off to looking at what shorts are airing, and goodness knows there are quite a few of them.

Operation Dirty Dozen will be on at 8:13 AM tomorrow morning, or just after The Honey Pot (6:00 AM, 132 minutes). This one, as you might be able to guess, deals with the movie The Dirty Dozen, or to be a bit more accurate, with its star Lee Marvin, and what he does behind the scenes and away from the camera. In that regard it's much like the short All Eyes on Sharon Tate, which will be showing up overnight between Monday and Tuesday. There are scenes from Marvin and the rest of the cast working, and then scenes of him enjoying the London nightlife of the 60s as it was for celebrities like him. Somehow, I don't think the wotking class had it like this.

I could always recommend the Traveltalks shorts, and there are two more coming up in the next 30 hours or so. Voices of Venice, at 11:50 AM tomorrow, following Madness of the Heart (10:15 AM, 90 minutes), is apparently different in that it's got people other than James FitzPatrick doing the narration. I don't think I've seen it before, so I can't comment. The one that I can recommend is The Capital City, Washington DC, at 2:17 AM, following Born Yesterday (12:30 AM, 102 minutes plus an intro/outro). This one has FitzPatrick going around Washington showing us the sites. One interesting thing here has to do with the famous cherry trees, which were donated by Japan. This was still a year and change before Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, so FitzPatrick of course has complimentary things to say about the Japanese, who donated the trees to Washington in 1909.

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