Sunday, May 25, 2014

See America First is new to me

As I said yesterday, war movies are not one of my favorite genres. So when it comes to a Memorial Day marathon, I'm more likely to look out for the shorts on the TCM schedule. Some of them are certainly war-themed, such as Winning Your Wings, which I mentioned on Memorial Day weekend back in 2012. That's on at about 7:10 AM, or just after The Red Badge of Courage (6:00 AM, 69 min).

Airing just before The Red Badge of Courage is a short I don't think I'd heard of before called The Blue and the Gray, which comes on around 5:45 AM, or following The Dawn Patrol (4:00 AM, 103 min). This 1935 short looks at various sites that were important during the Civil War. The IMDb page for it says that an alternate title for it is See America First No. 7: The Blue and the Gray, apparently being part of a series of shorts called "See America First". It's a series that I don't think I've heard of before, and I'd be interested in seeing more of the shorts in the series show up on TCM. The one bad thing is that IMDb says the short is in black and white. This sounds like the sort of series that, like the Traveltalks shorts, cries out for color photography of the vintage locations. Wikipedia has a bit more information.

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