Monday, May 30, 2016

Complaining about TCM's Media Room

So I watched Babes in Arms over the weekend. I was going to do a full-length post on the movie, but amazingly, it seems to be out of print on DVD. Amazon lists a standalone DVD from 2007 that has a few copies available, and one of those TCM four-film box sets (this one featuring Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland), but that one also has only a few copies available. And neither one is available from the TCM Shop.

So I was going to post a clip from the movie, preferably, one of them singing the song "Good Morning", which originated here but was reused in Singin' in the Rain. The links at Youtube seemed to be a bit short, so I went over to the TCM Media room, and eventually found this link. But....

First, I had a fun time trying to find the clips. There's a search box on the TCM Media Room page that says "Search the Media Room". But when you enter your search terms, it sends you to the main TCM search page, which combines all of the stuff. The TCM Database for the main information on a movie (think doing an IMDb title search), the TCM Shop, and TCM's articles on a given movie are there. It turns out that the videos are there also, but you have to look for a sidebar which, on my browser, was on the left side, allowing you to filter out what you want to show in the results. You'd think the search box on the TCM Media Room would do this for you by default, but nooooooooo....

Second, I can't find where the links to embed media clips from the TCM Media Room have gone. There's a whole bunch of "sharing" crap, if you want to share the link on Twitter or any of those other allegedly-social networking sites. But the embed links, if they still exist, didn't seem to show up. Then again, it takes the Media Room forever to load, because of all the bloated advertising stuff they're trying to cram down your throat. More interestingly, there was also a link to the "Classic Film Union", which closed quite some time ago.

Back in November, 2012, I embedded the Babes in Arms trailer.

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