Monday, May 9, 2016

Today and tonight

TCM's daytime lineup seems to have two themes. The first is about things that happen to people on vacation. For some reason the movie Havana Widows at 10:45 AM looks familiar, but I don't think I've seen the others. The second half is supposedly cowboy movies, although in at least one case, I wouldn't call the movie a cowboy movie. That one is The Cowboy Quarterback, airing at 2:45 PM. I've mentioned this one a couple of times before; Bert Wheeler plays a cowboy from Montana who is signed to a contract by a professional football scout. In the big city, Wheeler falls prey to professional gamblers, who want to use the leverage against him to get him to throw the big game. It's not particularly good, but fans of football movies will enjoy it for the vintage (and probably terribly inaccurate) look at pro football as it was in the late 1930s.

Tonight, TCM is looking at celebrity cameos. The night kicks off at 8:00 PM with Dear Brigitte, in which Brigitte Bardot only shows up for the finale. She's only in the title because apparently she didn't want to be credited or otherwise used in the publicity. So the filmmakers put her name in the title. That way just mentioning the title would get her name out there in the publicity.

Later in the evening, there's The Youngest Profession at 11:45 PM, which for some reason TCM's online schedule is listing under the genre suspense. The profession in question is the autograph seeker, and three teenaged autograph seekers spend the movie trying to get autographs from their favorite MGM stars, much to the consternation of their parents. It's a cheap opportunity for MGM to put a whole bunch of stars into one movie, although perhaps not as cheap as Some of the Best.

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