Wednesday, May 25, 2016

TCM has a new host

Apparently TCM put out a press release yesterday that they're going to be bringing in a new full-time host. Tiffany Vazquez, who won one of the TCM fan contests for the 20th anniversary of the channel in 2014 and who then got to present a TCM Spotlight last December. Starting in June, she's going to be presenting the Saturday afternoon lineup on a permanent basis.

This, of course, frees up some time for Ben Mankiewicz, who has been taking over more of the prime time hosting duties as Robert Osborne has been increasingly absent. Sooner or later, most likely sooner, Robert Osborne is going to retire permanently, at which point one presumes Mankiewicz is going to take over all of the prime time duties. Well, all of them except for when somebody's doing the Spotlight all by themselves. That wasn't this month which had Ben interviewing Roger Corman, but there are going to be months in the future that do have a lone Spotlight presenter.

I don't particularly remember Tiffany from the December spotlight; in fact, I don't recall actually watching any of the movies in the spotlight that month. (Well, I'd seen a bunch of them already; I just didn't bother to watch the rest of them.) So I can't comment on how she may be as a presenter, which I know isn't as easy as it looks. I read the news on my college's radio station, and just reading from a script like that with no cameras around, and sounding right at the same time, is harder than you'd think. For what it's worth, some of the regulars at the TCM boards seem to be up in arms.

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