Monday, May 16, 2016

Some more Fox films coming up

Tonight's lineup on TCM is listed as "short stories". It could, however, be more accurately portrayed as anthology movies, with the caveat that all of the movies are based on short stories from famous writers, as I understand it. The night kicks off at 8:00 PM with O. Henry's Full House, which I think is a TCM premiere. (Being a Fox film, it of course showed up on the Fox Movie Channel several times in the past.) That will be followed at 10:15 PM by Quartet. This one is the first of three films based on four short stories by Somerset Maugham; the movie was successful enough that two sequels were released, Trio and Encore. I know I've seen Trio in its entirety; I can't recall whether I've seen either of the other two in their entirety.

As for the movies that follow Encore on TCM tonight, I don't think I've seen any of them before.

And then we get to the irregular "movies showing up on FXM after a long absence" part of the post. This time, that movie is The Visit, tomorrow morning at 11:45 AM. I'm pretty certain that the last time this one showed up on FXM Retro, or maybe it was still called the Fox Movie Channel back then, it was panned and scanned down to 4:3. The movie was based on a play by Swiss playwright Friedrich D├╝rrenmatt; the play was recently (around 2014) revived on Broadway with Chita Rivera as the old woman coming back to her homeland, so those of you who are Broadway fans may recognize the material. As I understand it, the ending of the play was changed for the movie; I don't know if it was changed for the Rivera revival.

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