Friday, May 20, 2016

One I think I've seen, and one I know I haven't

Robert Ryan's turn as TCM Star of the Month continues tonight with a movie that sounds familiar: The Outfit, at 10:00 PM. A different Robert -- Duvall -- plays a small-time criminal who robbed a bank, only for that bank to have been a front for the Mob, who killed his brother in return. Duvall wants revenge, and Robert Ryan plays Mailer, the head of the outfit responsible for the brother's killing. A year or two back I watched a movie that I think was from the very end of Ryan's career, and I know it's not one of the others, so I think this is the one. But from the plot synopsis, I don't really remember the Joe Don Baker character.

Tomorrow morning at 7:30 AM, TCM is showing the 1965 British movie Ten Little Indians. This is one that I know I haven't seen, because I have to admit to not knowing that this particular Agatha Christie story had been done in the 1960s. (This one doesn't have either Miss Marple, played by Margaret Rutherford in four films in the early 1960s, or Hercule Poirot.) I do, however, know the story, since I've seen and blogged about the 1945 movie, which carries the other title for the story, And Then There Were None.

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