Sunday, May 8, 2016

For those who speak German, or at least would like to see some nice pictures

One of the podcasts I have in my RSS reader from Bayerischer Rundfunk (out of Bavaria in Germany, which is where my ancestors come from and two of Dad's first cousins and their descendants still live) included the following this weekend:

The most secret face of German cinema: Actress Sybille Schmitz in Munich

Well, that's a rough translation of the headline; the page is of course in German. But the blurb that accompanied the link continued as follows:

In 1981 in Munich, Rainer Werner Fassbinder made the movie Veronika Voss, inspired by the fate of former Ufa star Sybille Schmitz. Friedemann Bayer seeks to uncover who this woman was, who spent her final years in Munich and died there in 1955 in tragic circumstances.

I haven't seen the movie (in German, the full title translates to The Yearning of Veronika Voss), so I can't comment on the comparison. I also haven't listened to the audio documentary. There's a direct link to download here, which is to a ~24 minute MP3 and about 23 MB. But the page linked above includes a fair amount of text for those who can read German. There's also a photo gallery, and it looks like a video clip that I haven't tried watching.

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