Sunday, May 29, 2016

The latest film festival you've never heard of

Radio Prague on Friday did a piece on the 56th Zlín Film Festival For Children and Youth, which opened on Friday and will run through June 3. Hollywood made a lot of movies suitable for children, but of course a festival like this looks more at the films of today. The fesitval's website, however, does list the French 1950s classic The Red Balloon as being part of the program, as well as a 1961 Czech version of the Baron von Münchhausen stories that I'd never heard of. (The film, that is, not the stories.)

There's a text transcript of Radio Prague's piece on the festival, along with a few photos, at the first link above; if you want to listen instead, you can download the MP3 directly here; it's 10 minutes and about 5MB.

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