Saturday, September 3, 2016

Another month without Robert Osborne

Well, I was able to catch Robert this morning because I watched something I had recorded on my DVR late last year. But, Robert's long, and I'd presume permanent, absence from TCM continues. This month, the guest host is Michael Phillips, a movie reviewer for the Chicago Tribune. (I can't remember whether that's the paper that had Siskel or Ebert.)

Phillips apparently hosted the TCM Spotlight back in September 2013, titled "Future Shock". He's going to be on Friday and Saturday nights. Apparently he only needs to be on twice a week since this month's TCM Spotlight will be running two nights each week, which leaves the other three nights for Ben Mankiewicz.

I caught the intro to Downhill Racer, and Phillips seemed to be competent enough, but another of those people who's not as naturally comfortable in front of the camera as Ben Mankiewicz or Robert Osborne are. But that's something that takes time.

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