Thursday, September 22, 2016

Idiocracy screenings

Somebody on another forum notified me that, in view of the movie's 10th anniversary and because of what's happened in American culture over those last 10 years, the movie Idiocracy is getting a special one-night showing, along the lines of what TCM does with Fathom Events showing classic movies. (Of course, this is in conjunction with a diffferent set of people, but that's beside the point.) Anyhow, the link for it is here; the nearest theatre to me is down in Yonkers so I won't be going.

Apparently, director Mike Judge and star Maya Rudolph will be doing a question and answer session in conjunction with the showings; the joys of having movies be presented digitally rather than by film. It would have been much harder to do such a Q&A if you didn't have the digital link, I'd presume. I'm reminded of the ending of Five of a Kind, where the Dionne quintuplets are shown in a movie theather via a television hookup, this being the infancy of television.

There's also the time I saw Idiocracy show up on Comedy Central. My goodness did they have to edit a lot out.

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