Thursday, September 29, 2016

Pat Neal is Back!

Well, she's still dead, of course. And there's no way she's going to be not dead any time soon. But I noticed while looking for the order of the movies in the Gene Wilder tribute that following The Frisco Kid, at about 4:20 AM, TCM is showing Pat Neal is Back, which is a promotional short for Neal's 1968 movie The Subject Was Roses. This was the first movie Neal made after the serious stroke she had suffered. The short doesn't seem to be available on Youtube, so you'll have to do with Neal hawking Anacin instead:

But the real reason I mention Pat Neal Is Back is because it looks like shorts are finally being listed again on TCM's daily/weekly schedules. There was a while where there were a few shorts that began on a half hour, as though they had been regularly scheduled like a feature, and that was it. (Well, the shorts in TCM Underground were there, too. but of course those are scheduled in the same regular way as the features.) But there are several shorts on the schedule through Saturday evening. Perhaps TCM will once again be showing the upcoming shorts.

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