Thursday, September 29, 2016

TCM's Gene Wilder programming tribute

Gene Wilder (l.) and Jill Clayburgh in Silver Streak (1976)

Gene Wilder died at the end of last month, and TCM is finally getting around to running its programming tribute tonight. Unfortunately, some of Wilder's better-known movies aren't showing up probably because TCM couldn't get the rights to run them. But at least they've got Young Frankenstein at 9:15 PM. In and around that there's:

8:00 PM Role Model: Gene Wilder, an interview Wilder did for TCM with Alec Baldwin some years back;
9:15 PM Young Frankenstein, Mel Brooks' spoof of the horror genre;
11:15 PM a reprise of the Role Model interview;
12:30 AM Start the Revolution Without Me, about twins getting caught up in the French Revolution;
2:15 AM The Frisco Kid, a comedy about a rabbi out west; and
4:30 AM Bonnie and Clyde, in which Wilder has a small part getting carjacked by Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway

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