Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Yacht Party

Over on the TCM boards, somebody asked about a singer they saw, probably in a short between movies about a week earlier. Thankfully, the TCM schedule from that day was still up, so it was easy enough to find that the short in question was The Yacht Party, featuring Roger Wolfe Kahn and his orchestra; the singer in question was Gertrude Niesen, somebody I'd never heard of.

However, the short also features a dancer named Melissa Mason, whose dance routine is, shall we say, interesting:

The full short doesn't seem to be up on Youtube, but it is up on DailyMotion. There does seem to be an embedding option, but the embedding doesn't seem to offer quite as many options, and not in a size that would fit this blog well, consdiering how I set the margins for the main table.

A Youtube search on Gertrude Niesen will bring up one of the songs she sings in The Yacht Party, as well as a whole bunch of other songs she did.

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