Tuesday, September 6, 2016

TCM Spotlight September 2016: Slapstick

Once again now that we're out of Summer Under the Stars, we get back to having the regular features show up on TCM. Among them is the monthly spotlight, which focuses on slapstick comedy. Every Tuesday and Wednesay in September, comedian Greg Proops will be presenting a series of slapstick comedies.

TCM has a mini-website dedicated to the spotlight. But as usual, their mini-websites are terrible. At least this one isn't a whole bunch of Flash crap. But there doesn't seem to be any mention of who's hosting; I saw a promo someplace and had to google to make certain that it is indeed Proops hosting the spotlight. There's a schedule, some pointless Groucho Marx download, and a link to some college professor writing a series of lectures to go with the movie series. Terrible.

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