Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Hard Contract back on FXM

I can't believe it's been nearly three years since I blogged about Hard Contract. You've got another two chances to catch it on FXM Retro, tomorrow morning at 4:05 AM and then again at 11:30 AM. The listings sites don't mention it as being on any more than that in the next two weeks, but it might come up again after that, since FXM usually takes stuff out of the vault for more than two weeks.

That having been said, the IMDb page for the movie still doesn't list it as being available at Amazon, so if you want to catch it, you'll have to do so on FXM Retro. I don't recall what they've done with the aspect ratio, and three years ago, I didn't have a HD box for my TV, even though the TVs were 16:9. FXM seems to be stretching all the movies, even the old 4:3 movies, out to 16:9, however.

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