Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Back on FXM after only a year?

I notice that FXM Retro is running The Day Mars Invaded Earth today at 1:45 PM and again tomorrow at 4:45 AM. I thought these where the first two airings in a while, and from my experience of looking at the FXM schedule I've had the impression for a decade or more that they have a policy of running a few movies into the ground, putting those back into the vault, and then running a different set of movies into the ground. Lather, rinse, repeat.

So when I saw The Day Mars Invaded Earth back on the FXM schedule, my natural instinct was to do a brief post on how it was back on the schedule, and include a link to the blog post I did on it, since it's actually a fairly interesting movie despite its ultra-low budget. I was surprised to see that my blog post was from May 2015. I would have guessed a good year earlier than that. But apparently it's only been about 16 months since the last set of airings.

I'd guess this is just a fluke and whoever programs the "Retro" portion of the FXM schedule didn't pay any attention to the amount of time the movie had been in the vault. But it is interesting to see something come back out fairly quickly, while other things -- even prestige movies -- languish in the vault for years.

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