Thursday, September 1, 2016

Upcoming on TCM, September 1-2, 2016

Now that we've finished with Summer Under the Stars for another year, we get different spotlights. Tonight, for example, are a bunch of movies directed by Preston Sturges. I think I've recommended all of them with the exception of The Sin of Harold Diddlebock before; that one I've never actually seen. In between the movies are some Traveltalks shorts, as well as another airing of Tree in a Test Tube, at about 3:07 AM, or following Hail the Conquering Hero (1:15 AM, 101 min).

Tomorrow morning and afternoon brings several of the Falcon movies to TCM, but the series ran too long for TCM to run all of the movies on one day. Well, maybe one day and one night; I'd have to check and see exactly how many movies were in the series. No shorts during the day tomorrow.

I'll have to look and see if there's anything back out of the vaults on FXM Retro.

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